Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Composition or Composite Block Flooring?

A: Composition or composite block flooring is commonly known as “Granwood” flooring.  “Granwood” is a trade marked term and Composition or composite block is a term that can be used by anyone without infringement of trade mark rights of Granwood, therefore must be referred to as Composition or Composite Block

Q: How long does it take to Sand and Seal a room?

A: Depending on the floor area it usually takes just one day to sand a floor back to bare wood and seal it with 2 coats of hard wearing polyurethane, the floor then needs to have time to dry and harden so we can lightly sand it between coats to ensure a smooth finish and then the second day the third and final coat can be applied.

Q: Is there much mess when a floor is sanded?

A: There is a small amount of dust when any wooden floor is sanded.  However all tools we use have internal vacuum systems to minimise dust throughout the sanding process.  Before any sealing can take place we have to vacuum up all the dust within the area.  Also as extra measures to limit dust we use dust extraction fans to remove dust from the air in the room.  If we are working in a room in a property we can usually limit any dust leaving that area.

Q: How many rooms can be done in a day (residential/domestic)?

A: Depending on the shape of the rooms and the condition of the floors we can usually sand up to 60 Sq M and seal with 2 coats of seal in one day.

Q: How long will my floor last?

A: This all depends on how much the rooms are used, Hallways tend to need re-sanding sooner than a bedroom or lounge mainly due to the traffic over that area.  Seal can last 10 years plus if maintained properly.

Q: How do I maintain my floor once it’s been Sanded and Sealed?

A: The latest polyurethane seals are relatively low maintenance.  A good tip is to keep any grit or small stones off the floor which and be walked over the area under shoes.  By regularly vacuuming the area this will stop this problem occurring.  The floors do not need to be cleaned with any bleaches or cleaners as over time these will discolour the seal.  If any marks appear on the floor they can be remove by very damp mopped the floor with warm water and a neutral based cleaner (pH7)

Q: How do I prepare my room prior to Sanding?


Q: What if my floor has cuts or holes in it?


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